# Stake crypto on TIDEX to win a prize!

We would like to thank TIDEX community and expand it even more by running a series of regular contests.

TIDEX (opens new window) is one of the first platforms to launch staking with a really high-profit percentage per year.

Today we are happy to announce a new contest from TIDEX!

You can join the contest if you start staking on TIDEX in the interval from 25 August 11:00 UTC till 8 September 11:00 UTC.

For every $50 worth stake you will get a lottery ticket with an opportunity to win a prize. So, the bigger the amount you stake, the more is the chance to win!

The contest is for stakes in USDT, BTC, ETH and ADA.

  • The 1st prize - 600 USDT
  • 2nd - 400 USDT
  • And 20 winners will get 50 USDT prize.

The winners will be selected by randomizer on Waves (opens new window) platform blockchain on 8 September 11:00 UTC. The contest results will be available for all the participants and published on TIDEX social media channels.

Please note that you can participate in the contest only with new deposits added to your TIDEX balance.

Stay tuned and good luck!

Stake on TIDEX to join the contest now (opens new window)

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