# StakingBox

TIDEX StakingBox is a platform that supports staking popular crypto assets. StakingBox is the first TIDEX DeFi interchain product that interacts with Ethereum ecosystem, including Curve, Uniswap, etc.

StakingBox main features:

  • Stakers receive daily rewards with up to 40% APY
  • StakingBox charges no fees
  • Staked assets remain frozen on the staker's TIDEX wallet, so the staker can withdraw them at any time with no penalties

StakingBox can be accessed at Products > StakingBox (opens new window) page.

Staking is really simple and takes just a few minutes to start getting daily reward in crypto asset you stake. Read detailed steps description.

# Fixed and Flexible Staking

StakingBox supports fixed and flexible staking.

  • Fixed staking is a low-risk investment tool supported by TIDEX Staking Reservation crypto fund that provides stable, guaranteed passive income. The percentage of fixed staking interest depends on the staking amount and duration. The staking amount has more effect on the percentage than the staking duration.

  • Flexible Staking is an investment tool with a possibly higher floating percentage of interest supported by proven external projects, such as Uniswap, Curve and other Ethereum ecosystem pools. The percentage of flexible staking interest depends only on the staking amount as this type of staking has unlimited duration.

Note: Both Fixed and Flexible staking have optional feature to automatically capitalize daily interest in your staking, meaning that your daily interest will be automatically added to the staking amount.

Fixed staking Flexible staking
Risk level low-risk higher-risk
Max duration limited unlimited
Income stable floating
Rate interest (%) 2-20% 5-40%
Supported by TIDEX Staking Reservation fund yes no
Supported assets BTC (opens new window)
ADA (opens new window)
SWOP (opens new window)
WEST (opens new window)
ETH (opens new window)
USDT (opens new window)
USDC (opens new window)
DAI (opens new window)
WAVES (opens new window)
TDX (opens new window)
BTC (opens new window)
SWOP (opens new window)
ETH (opens new window)
USDT (opens new window)
USDC (opens new window)
USDN (opens new window)
DAI (opens new window)

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