# What Is Staking

Staking is a convenient way to earn cryptocurrency. In contrast to mining, staking does not require hardware costs. In contrast to trading, staking does not require time to track market trends.

# How to Make Money on Staking

Staking is similar to a bank deposit: you just deposit funds and receive passive interest income. The difference is that the staking revenue is much higher, and all operations are completely anonymous.

Staking terms differ depending on the platform type of staking and the coin chosen. TIDEX StakingBox supports fixed and flexible staking.

# The Most Interesting Coins to Stake with Fixed Yield

# The Most Interesting Coins to Stake with Flexible Yield

# How to Stake

  1. On the StakingBox (opens new window) page select type of staking (fixed or flexible), read the staking terms, select a cryptocurrency and click More details.
  2. Top up your balance, if necessary.
  3. Enter the amount of staking (and the duration for fixed staking).
  4. Click Stake now.

Your staking will be activated immediately. Staking payments are added to your balance daily. You can use them for trading or withdraw right away. You can also enable optional feature to automatically capitalize daily interest in your staking, meaning that your daily interest will be automatically added to the staking amount.

See details in Staking for Dummies article.

# Staking Fees

TIDEX does not charge any fees for staking.

# How to Stop Staking

When the specified deposit duration of your fixed staking ends, the coins will be automatically returned to your balance.

You can unstake your assets manually at any time. To do so, go to the Staking (opens new window) page and select Actions → Close. Your assets will be returned to your balance within 24 hours.